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“The softness of the true Neapolitan pizza crust partly comes from its being cooked at a 900 °F, in a wood-fired oven. The air bubbles in the dough, pushed outward by the skilled pizzaiolo to form the rim of the pizza base, swell, char and blister before the interior crumb has dried out and hardened. The dough itself is built to be elastic, able to cradle the prized tomatoes and mozzarella in a loving fold. You feel all the flavors in one bite.”

-Giovanni Santarpia

The original Neapolitan style pizza maker
Yada Updates

Yada Updates

Looking to make dinner reservations?

We ask that you call 24 hours before your desired time to ensure we can give your party the best service possible.

(931) 919-9232

If you are looking to host a private party with Yada as your backdrop please email hello@yadaonfranklin.com for more information and we will have our coordinator reach out within 2 business days to help plan a memorable night.

Thank you so much for supporting a local family-owned business,

The Knights